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The ultimate beauty of rope lies in the aesthetic fulfillment of both the sadistic and masochistic desires. 
Since 1998 Denver Bound has stayed true to the sadomasochistic roots of rope bondage within a culture of eroticism and trust. 
Facilitating connection between partners is central to Denver Bound’s philosophy.

We believe that the deeply erotic component of a scene is possible only with an established foundation of consent and communication.  

Beginning with basic ties, Denver Bound progressively builds on mastered skills to incorporate increasingly complex and intense ties.

In addition to developing technical skill, Denver Bound teaches: 

 *Placement of rope on the body with an understanding of basic anatomy

*Safety skills, confidence, creativity & problem solving

*Pacing, timing, progression & positioning

*Incorporation of rope ties into bondage scenes

*Making suffering pleasurable to the eye

*Psychological processing of both the pain and the pleasure of suffering


Above all, Denver Bound emphasizes respect for the emotional and psychological response to the rope as helpless surrender develops. 

Every student develops at a different pace. Denver Bound individualizes attention during class and holds instructor-led open practice sessions.

Denver Bound is Colorado's premier destination for rope bondage education.

With a curriculum spanning basic floor ties to advanced dynamic suspensions, we've trained hundreds of students and teachers over the past 20+ years