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Denver Bound


Welcome to Denver's oldest rope studio, established in 1997. We offer curriculum-based shibari classes led by trained and knowledgeable instructors. Join us to learn the art of rope bondage in a safe and welcoming environment. We embrace the sadomasochistic roots of this practice within a culture of eroticism and trust. Denver Bound believes that the true beauty of rope lies in fulfilling both the sadistic and masochistic desires of individuals.


One of the core principles of Denver Bound is the facilitation of connection between partners. We prioritize establishing a foundation of consent and communication, recognizing that the deeply erotic component of a scene can only be achieved with these elements in place.


Denver Bound starts by teaching basic ties and gradually progresses to more complex and intense ones, building on mastered skills. Alongside technical proficiency, We also focus on other important aspects such as the placement of rope on the body with an understanding of basic anatomy, safety skills, confidence, creativity, problem-solving, pacing, timing, progression, positioning, and the incorporation of rope ties into bondage scenes.


Furthermore, Denver Bound emphasizes the art of making suffering pleasurable to the eye. We delve into the psychological processing of both the pain and pleasure that comes with surrendering to the rope. Aftercare, which involves providing support and care to participants after a scene, is also given significant importance.


Denver Bound recognizes that every student learns at their own pace. Therefore, we provide individualized attention during classes and offer instructor-led open practice sessions to ensure that each student receives the guidance and support they need.


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