At Denver Bound, you will find instruction, entertainment, and art - all in one place.

The Educational Center provides classes on the various bondage forms, such as
Shibari, Karada, and Western, and a variety of materials used in bondage: rope,
chain, leather, cable & wire, and barbed wire.


While we offer many different classes, we specialize in the art of rope bondage.
It has long been one of the more obscure and beautiful forms of kink, but now,
those days of obscurity are over. The rope community at large has brought the
use of rope in tying to the forefront.


Those of us who love rope bondage above almost everything else find its fluid nature,
the way it can create such beauty, pain, and emotion all at the same time fascinating.
Now that the rope community has brought this beautiful art to the world's attention,
everyone wants to learn how to create such beauty.


Today, classes in rope bondage encompass a number of different styles ranging from
the Western styles to the ancient Japanese styles. Bondage instructors are teaching
Shibari, Kinbaku, Karada or Hojojutsu / Nawajutsu, and more of the ancient rope arts.

Denver Bound seeks to create a casual bondage environment where rope enthusiasts
can learn and practice in a Dojo type environment, where the novice can learn from others who love it.


Through our Performance Art division, we create performances for a multitude of venues.
We use performers who show the beauty, grace and art of bondage in public venues where
anyone can appreciate and find inspiration in the art of bondage. Our performers adapt their
appearance and skills to the audience, and they use costumes, makeup, dance, singing, and
stagecraft to bring the beauty of the art to the audience.


Our performances run the gamut from the scripted to the impromptu and can include or
exclude audience participation. We strive to involve the four basic elements of performance:
time, space, the performer's body or presence in a medium, and a relationship between
performer and audience.