Registration is now OPEN for the next set of classes which start in January-March.

The Studio now opens one hour before class begins.

The 4th Sunday of each month, the studio will be open for all
graduates and students so you can
practice your rope skills.
Practice Time is from 1pm till 5pm. Come and join us.




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The ultimate beauty of rope lies in the aesthetic fulfillment of both the sadistic and masochistic desires. 
Since 1998, Denver Bound has stayed true to the sadomasochistic roots of rope bondage within a culture of eroticism and trust. 
Facilitating connection between partners is central to Denver Bound’s philosophy.

We believe that the deeply erotic component of a scene is possible only with an established foundation of consent and communication. 


​​Registration for Winter term is now open.

The studio is now open for lab/practice on the 4th Sunday of each month from 1pm to 5pm for all enrolled students.